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A pleasant sensation of escape in the open air, the light of a shy spring warmth, walking in the parks that guard the history of Rome.

A palette of neutral and aromatic tones, reminiscent of the warm glow of travertine, the colors of the earth, wild plants and wildflowers. Ancestral and reassuring universal vibrations, a hymn to life, rebirth and freedom.

Fabrizio D’Andrea
Global Creative & Art Director

"Mother of the Aeneades, joy of men and gods, alma Venus, who under the stars in silent race for the sky gives life in the sea scattered with ships, in the fertile lands of wheat, since by your work every species of animated beings is conceived and sees, being born, the light of the sun. "

Lucrezio, De Rerum Natura


Paint Brow
Natural Marker

Paint Brow Natural Marker, the first natural eyebrow marker by Essential. Its special applicator with a 0.2 mm fine tip allows you to easily create ultra-thin and delicate strokes, in microblading style for realistic and natural results, and it also defines and fills the spaces evenly and precisely. Its 69% vegan and natural formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and Japanese Plum Leaf Extract, which slow down the aging process of the skin and hair bulbs. Resistant to smudging and water, it is easily modulated and allows you to obtain the perfect intensity even for a bold look. Lasts all day, tested for up to 16 hours. Gentle and easy removal only with warm water.

The Essential Temptation N°1

Mini eyeshadow palette with universal colors, 9 “new classic” of the most desired nude shades, 3 harmonies that will accompany all your total looks. Its formula, vegan friendly and 85% natural, is enriched with starch of butter, corn starch and natural mica. Created to adapt to every skin tone and eye color, a range of versatile shades: from buttery mattes to super-bright shades, all with homogeneous and easily blendable textures.

Ready to wear

Self-tempering eye pencil. Thanks to the sharpener integrated in the cap, the lead is automatically shaped after each use and is extraordinarily protected from any impact. The effect lasts for hours. Fast, always ready, easy to use, suitable for a defined line or for a stroke to be blended. 

Lip balm

Protective lip balm (SPF 15), nourishing and self-pigmenting that brings out the natural color of the lips in a lasting way. Thanks to its particular composition, it reacts to the moisture content of the lips creating a personalized color. For fresh, full, shiny and protected lips. Pomegranate Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, moisturize, nourish and increase the barrier function. They protect the lips from photoaging and reduce damage due to exposure to UVB rays. Sunscreens ensure effective protection from UVB rays.

Matt me darling

No-transfer matte liquid lipstick. Everything you ever wanted from a matte lipstick is now possible with Essential technology. Rich, vibrant and velvety shades dress the lips with endless color, opacity and comfort. Lightness, opacity, glamor and resistance are the 4 key words, the no transfer color film is extremely thin and lasts for hours without giving the sensation of stretching, typical of no transfer products. The extraordinary consistency in waxy gel leaves the feeling of wearing nothing on the lips.

Blush Temptation N°1

Universal multitasking palette with panoramic mirror, composed of a “universal” matte powder and two illuminants with a luminous and pearly finish. The vegan texture is creamy and soft to the touch, it fades easily, giving excellent coverage and a veil of adherent and homogeneous color. The palette can be used as an eyeshadow or as a matte / highlighter blush.

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