Mountain Rhapsody


Let it snow.

Get emotional… with the kaleidoscope of nature’s colours – the green of woods, the clear, crystalline blue of skies.. and the leaden grey of sudden high-altitude winter clouds.

Be enchanted… by the iridescent white of snow, the red of a fire in a fireplace and the vibrant shades of currants, strawberries and saffron.

Be amazed…discover, experiment, play and superimpose all the textures of the palette containing all the essence of mountains.

Don’t worry about cold winds or extreme heat – your eye pencil will never let you down.

And then.. never forget “Him” … put him to the test …

Extreme sport and your exciting evenings will be accompanied by long-lasting softness of your new lipstick.

Lastly, someone said that mountains are like human beings: a rhapsody of emotions, as austere as some men, as surprising and intense as all women.

Fabrizio D’Andrea
Global Creative & Art Director

N°1 Mountain Rhapsody Palette

The powders used give this shadow an extremely smooth texture which is easy to blend.

Paint Eye Pencil

This soft eye pencil slides on easily and is extremely hard – wearing – a secret weapon for all kohl addicts.

Resistance to extreme


Long wear satin lipstick pencil, practical and easy to apply

Light And Shadow

Long wear satin lipstick pencil, practical and easy to apply

E -Blender

Easy-to-use professional applicator that puts the expertise of essential makeup artists at your fingertips


Professional pencil sharpener

E -Bag

Water repellent padded fabric

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