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Baby Lips Oil

Baby lips oil is an advanced global anti-ageing treatment for lips that combines the action of vegetable oils and active ingredients.


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Baby lips oil is an advanced global anti-ageing treatment for the lips that combines the action of vegetable oils and active ingredients, with the aim of moisturising, softening and improving the appearance of the lips. In order to achieve a really well cared-for lip make-up it is necessary to pay special attention to this area, protecting the lips, which are fragile and delicate due to their very structure, through targeted care and products. The aim is to treat the lip area by increasing hydration and reducing the visibility of wrinkles, thus improving the shape, volume and softness of the lips. Its special texture, rich and velvety, voluptuously envelops the lips leaving them extra soft, optically more voluminous and with an extraordinary ‘glossy’ effect. This product has both short- and long-term effects: it improves the structure of the lips, relieves dryness and cracking and acts as a shield against environmental adversity. In addition, the delicate aroma of icing sugar and caramel makes this product a real mouth-watering pampering for the lips…the soft porcelain pink colour gives a touch of femininity to the smileCOPY00

COMPOSITION: Lipid polymer based on hydroxystearic, linoleic and oleic acids: This lipid polymer has a high affinity with water: it can absorb 200% of its weight in water. The final effect is strong hydration, resulting in an anti-ageing effect. This active is known for its moisturising and wrinkle-reducing properties. Clinical tests on this ingredient have demonstrated its ability to moisturise the three epidermal layers and reduce the depth of wrinkles. Rose Hip Oil: regenerating and healing, this oil is a panacea for stressed skin. Rose hip oil has become one of the main remedies for treating chapped skin, thanks to its effective regenerating and healing action on skin tissue.

This oil has a high content of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, substances that are responsible for its cosmetic and dermatological effects, as they are essential for the regeneration processes of the cell membranes and therefore for the renewal of skin tissue. In addition to the essential fatty acids, Transretinoic acid, an isomer of Vitamin A, has been shown to have a rejuvenating effect on the epidermis. This oil is therefore effective in the treatment of scars, stretch marks, sunburn, brown spots, reduces expression lines, acts on premature ageing of skin tissues and dry, cracked skin. Argan oil: Elixir of eternal youth! Argan oil, also called desert gold, is a natural oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. The use of Argan oil for topical applications reveals exceptional dermatological properties: a feeling of softness, smoothness and silkiness. Argan oil is an effective anti-ageing treatment, promoting collagen production in the skin and thus helping to prevent the formation of wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin. Thanks to its content of special phytosterols, it provides soothing and repairing activity, helping to keep the skin glowing. Argan oil helps keep the skin healthy and well nourished: it is a powerful moisturiser, it regenerates, repairs and stimulates skin cell turnover; it helps neutralise free radicals and protects the skin from the action of time; it has antimicrobial properties, it aids the healing process of burns; it helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks; it protects the skin from sun exposure, smoke and pollution; it helps stimulate skin cell renewal, making the skin more elastic.

APPLICATION: Apply daily to perfectly cleansed lips to moisturise and brighten the smile. For a guaranteed SPA effect, after the Star Lip Scrub ritual, it can be applied generously as a mask… lips will appear hydrated and restored from external aggression caused by the weather or the use of a mask.

Beauty tips

Apply like a normal lip pencil and blend in with the brush provided.

Baby Lips Oil

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